Wayanad vs Munnar: Which Hill Station Is Better For Travel?

In this hot weather, anyone would want to travel to a cool place, which is both peaceful and budget friendly. For that purpose there are many travel destinations in India itself which offer amazing ambiance along with natural beauty and a piece of comfort too away from the hustle bustle of daily chores. 

The two places that are among the top travel destinations and are also great competitors of each other are Wayanad vs Munnar. They are famous for their amazing environment, natural views, and great services.

Wayanad vs Munnar

Here we’ll see the possible differences between the two, which can help you decide which place suits best with your travel goals and budget. 

Wayanad vs Munnar: key Comparison

Here we’ll compare both the places on some key factors which will make it easier for you to pick between the two.

Factors Wayanad Munnar 
Origin Located in the north-eastern district of Kerala. The name is formed from combination of two words – “Vayal” and “Nadu”, which means land of paddy fields. Located in the Idukki district of south-western of Kerala.The name is formed from the combination of two malayalam words, Munu and Aaru, which means tree and rivers. 
Accessibility  The route can be hectic, suitable for those who can travel for long hours. Reaching Munnar is more easy as compared to Wayanad. 
Accommodation and Food Budget friendly resorts, treehouses, traditional homestays. Has more 5 star resorts, treehouse resorts, homestays, guesthouses. 
Best time to visit Preferred time to visit this place is from October to March, when the rainfall is less and you can enjoy nature and outdoor activities. In summers (June to September) when the temperature remains below 20°C. 
Type of travelers visit The place is the best for the people who like to adventurous activities  The place is considered best for a romantic trip/honeymoon destination because of its lush green gardens and beautiful climate.   
Key activities Best for
Bamboo rafting,
Adventurous trekking,
Wildlife safaris,
Paragliding, and 
Visiting Edakkal caves. 
Ideal for 
Bird watching, 
Tea estate tours, 
Light trekking, and
Why to visit The place offers prehistoric Edakkal caves to visit, the Chembra park visit, to enjoy streams and waterfalls. Munnar boasts a line of beautiful tea estates, various amazing photo options and waterfalls along with 100 varieties of roses. 
Wayanad vs Munnar

Above listed are some of the main differences between the two. Now to know more about these differences, we’ll discuss these factors one by one. 

1. Origin 


The place is located in the north-eastern part of Kerala, and is formed by combining two words, i,e., “Vayal” and “Nadu”, which means land of paddy fields.
It has administrative headquarters located at the municipality of Kalpetta. The Wayanad District came into existence on 1st November, 1980 as the 12th District of Kerala consisting of Vythiri Taluks, Sulthan Bathery, and Mananthavady. 

Wayanad was a separate revenue division with the Malabar District until 1924, before becoming a part of Kerala. 

The place is a home of pre-historic Edakkal caves, which serves as a great tourist destination for those who love history and archaeology.

Wayanad hills
Wayanad Hills


Initially everyone wasn’t aware about this place, until the visit of British Resident of then Travancore Kingdom John Daneil Munro. 

Munro, who first visited the place as a part of setting border dispute between Travancore and its nearby state of Madras, fell for the beauty of this region. Much later, it was located in the Idukki district of south-western of Kerala.

The name is formed from the combination of two Malayalam words, Munu and Aaru, which means tree and rivers. 

2. Accessibility: How To Reach There


It will take around 11 hours of travel to reach Wayanad from Kochi. The nearest railway station to Wayanad is Kozhikode railway station, which is about 100 Km away and to reach the destination, one has to take a taxi or a bus which will take 4 hours to reach there. 

Here’s more – The Calicut International Airport is also the nearest airport to reach Wayanad, however, it will require taking a taxi to reach there.


Reaching Munnar is easy as compared to Wayanad. Munnar is very well connected with different modes of transportation. It requires only 4 hours of journey to reach Munnar from Kochi. 

Cochin international airport

Aluva railway station is the nearest railway station to Munnar which is 110 Km away, and from there one easily reach Munnar by a bus or a taxi. The nearest airport to Munnar is Cochin International Airport.

3. Accommodation and Food


Wayanad has more affordable stays as compared to Munnar. Resorts here are more expensive because of the unlimited space and area, and treehouse resorts are pretty affordable. 

The price of food varies from restaurant to restaurant, however if you dine at local authentic restaurants, the cost can be reduced.


Munnar has more resorts as compared to Wayanad and are also more expensive. The place also has more treehouses, however, the resorts here have limited space. 

The price of food is relatively the same as that of in Wayanad, by having food at local eateries, you’ll have to pay less.

4. Best time to visit


This place has a more tropical climate than others. The temperature on an average switches between 18°C to 29°C. The continuous rainfall during monsoons here between June to November causes a halt on outdoor activities.

The best time to visit this place is during October to March to enjoy the outdoor activities and nature sights. The place often gets hot during the summers and generally records a temperature of around 36°C.

Wayanad Tourist Spot
Wayanad Tourist Spot


The best time to visit this place is during summers when the temperature stays below 20°C. The place remains cool throughout the year and the temperature stays between 15°C to 25°C as it is located at high altitude. 

During monsoon (June to September), Munnar experiences high rainfall making the climate lively and lush green, however it also causes some landslides too.

5. Types of Travelers


The place is a suitable tourist destination for those who love to do adventures with friends or family. It offers several adventurous activities and sports like bamboo rafting, long treks, paragliding, zip lining, river crossing, camping, etc. The place also offers stays in the forest too.


Due to its lush green surroundings, sceneries, gardens, and climate, it is considered as a romantic destination for honeymoon. The place has several dreamy and fantasy destinations and also has many amazing resorts and hotels to choose from. 

Munnar Tourist Place
Munnar Tourist Spot

The place is very well connected with transportation services and becomes a great option for family trips too. It also offers amazing visits to tea plantations too. 

6. Key Activities


As stated above, Wayanad is more of an adventurous place and offers the facility to enjoy various activities. Apart from that the place offers the chance to visit and know about the great history of Edakkal Caves, visit to Chembra park, wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, ziplining, etc.

Activities in Wayanad
Activities in Wayanad


The place is greatly known for its tea plantation tours, mountain biking, light treks, peaceful bird watching, for enjoying amazing waterfalls, to see around 100 varieties of rose, visiting Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary, etc. 

Apart from that, the place is an absolutely great spot for picnics and offers other activities too. 

7. Why to visit


One of the major reasons to visit Wayanad is to see its prehistoric Edakkal caves, and to know the story behind it. The caves shelters there are known for preserving the ancient inscriptions and carvings, providing a way to know history. 

The place is an absolute great destination for those who love to know about history and archeology. 

Also the dreamy sceneries of Chembra Peak invites people to enjoy the beautiful location. The waterfalls and streams also become one of the top reasons to visit this place.


Munnar boasts a line of beautiful tea estates, which provides mesmerizing views of hills and valleys. Also these tea gardens are among the largest tea producers and its history dates back to the 19th century. 

Rose Garden in Munnar
Rose Garden In Munnar

The Rose Garden of Munnar stands as one of the most highlighted features of this place and an amazing choice for those who are nature lovers. The garden has 100 varieties of roses and also 4000 plant species to showcase. 

The destination also offers top places to click photos amid the cool and dreamy atmosphere. 


Choosing between Wayanad and Munnar completely rolls down to individual personal travel preference and budget set. 

Both the places offer amazing sites to visit, activities to do, sightseeing, food options, etc., simply, they both have their own set of features and offerings. If you’re someone who loves to do adventurous sports and activities, then Wayanad is a perfect destination to go.

Whereas if you’re someone who loves sightseeing, peaceful surroundings, visiting gardens, then Munnar is a good option to go with.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Which is better Wayanad or Munnar?

Both the places have their unique set of features. However, if you want to see more tea gardens and to have a more hill station vibe, then Munnar is the best. Whereas, if you want a mix of adventures and historical attractions, then Wayanad is a go to choice.

2: Which is costly Wayanad or Munnar?

Munnar is comparatively higher in prices due to its more resorts and expensive hotel offerings, whereas, Wayanad offers quite affordable accommodation options.

3: What is the altitude of Wayanad and Munnar?

Munnar is situated at an high altitude of 1500 to 2500m above sea level, and Wayanad is located at an altitude of 700 to 2100m from sea level.

4: Which is the best month to visit Wayanad and Munnar?

For visiting Wayanad, October to March are the best months to visit, whereas, from June to September, is the best time to visit Munnar, as the temperature in Munnar remains below 20 degree Celsius.

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