7 Best Drill Machines For Home Use In India – 2024

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or someone who is looking to tackle household projects, finding the right drill can make a mark of difference in efficiency, accuracy, and in overall satisfaction of your work.

Therefore, we’ve selected the best drill machines for home use which will help you in carrying out your work in a smooth and effective way.

Best Drill machines for home use in India

Below are the 7 best drill machines for home use:



The drill has provides 3-in-1 operating mode and is a cordless drill, making it easy to carry. The drill operates on variable speed modes, which are 0-550RPM, 0-1800RPM, and so on. Apart from that it is a 18+3 position drill, i.e. it is a position all rounder that is capable for every household construction work and matches your work desires.

Key Highlights:

  • Works on batteries.
  • Comes with 2 batteries and a fast charger.
  • Offers variable speed feature.
  • Operates on 3-in-1 mode.

2: Goldmaxx Electric Drill

Goldmaxx 1000W 13mm Electric Drill

The drill machine offers operating on both modes, i.e. it offers both reverse and forward functions. This helps them in providing greater control and flexibility while carrying out the work. The drill offers functions like removing screws, drive, drill, ensuring the seamless and efficient performance.

Key Highlights:

  • A corded drill.
  • Double insulated.
  • Comes along with drill bits.



The drill has an ergonomic reversible design which provides optimal grip positions, is insulated, and is light weight too. It supports wood drilling, metal drilling and does not come with drill bits. While using the drill, one must first keep the drill on switched off mode before plugging, in order to avoid jerk and inconvenience.

Key Highlights:

  • It offers drilling and hammering mode.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Maximum drilling capacity for wood is 20mm, for steel is 13mm, and for masonry is 13mm.

4: STANLEY Drill


The drill comes with 120 pieces in the box, including hammer drill, screwbit holder, hammer, drill bits, utility knife, measurement tape, lineman tester, Allen key set, universal piler, interchangeable screw bits, plug set, and other various tools.

It is an ergonomically designed drill which is compact and light weight and provides a high level of precision.

Key Highlights:

  • 1 year warranty is provided.
  • The hammer drill in the kit is powered by 550W tool motor.
  • It is a corded electric drill.

5: IBELL Electric Drill 

IBELL Electric Drill

A corded drill with a 10mm chuck capacity and a compact ergonomic design which offers comfortable and easy one-handed use and offers access to tight and tough places. The drill can be the ideal choice for using it fir drilling in wood, metal, and plastic.

The drill has a Lock-On button which provides user with the option to keep machine either continuously running or to keep it ON for doing repetitive operations.

Key Highlights:

  • Offers reverse rotation.
  • Come along with drill bits.
  • Offers trigger sensitive variable speed switch.

6: MECRAAF® Drill Machine 

MECRAAF® Drill Machine

This drill machine provides 18+1 torque settings, offering versatility for various tasks and preventing over tightening of the handle. The drill has a powerful 12V motor which is perfect for drilling through different materials like wood, plastic, and metal, and for all other screw driving tasks. It come along with 24 accessories in the kit.

Key Highlights:

  • A cordless drill.
  • Has an LED light on the drill too.
  • Offers 18+1 torque settings.

7: TOMAHAWK T20 Electric Drill Machine

TOMAHAWK T20 Electric Drill Machine

The drill has a 10mm motor which provides dependable performance for drilling holes or for blending other variety of purposes like cement, plaster, mud, tile adhesives, etc. The drill at 400W provides the exact amount of power and support that is required to complete various tasks with ease.

Along with that it has an appealing and ergonomic design which makes it super convenient and easy to carry and use.

Key Highlights:

  • Offers variable speed options.
  • Has a robust motor.
  • A powerful drill mixer.

How to choose the Best Drill Machines For Home Use

Here are some of the points that are important to look at before a selecting a drill for home use:

1. A cordless or corded drill. Corded drills are often light weight as there is no heavy battery backup. On the other hand if you want a drill which is easy to carry anywhere, then cordless drills are the perfect ones.

2. If you want a screw driving function, then select a drill machine which has variable speed or torque control and also has reversible functions.

3. Select the type of drill you want. If you want a drill for making small holes in the plasterboard or wood, then the best drill would be drill with hammer actions.

4. Before selecting, look for the other function it offers, if you want a drill that also works for metals and other materials, then pick that, or if you want it for single purpose, then there are drill for the same too.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right and ideal drill machine which is perfect for home use requires careful considerations of various factors and requires a good time to invest in it. Among so many options available out there, picking the best ones can result in lot of confusions.

Therefore to make your work easy we’ve picked some of the best drill machines for home use which will help to carry out your work more conveniently and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Which drill machine is best for concrete walls?

The drills which are best for concrete walls are the drills which offers hammer functions, with an addition of rotating function.

2: Which size drill machine is best for home use?

A 1/4 chuck is suitable for a light duty drill driver and a 3/8 inch drill accepts a wide variety of drill bits, making it versatile for carrying out common tasks in house.

3: What is the capacity of a drill machine?

The drilling machine on an average has a capacity of 13mm for steel work, 30 mm in wood, 16 mm in concrete.

4: How much torque is required in a drill?

Around 4 to 15Nm is good to go with small screw driver and drill tasks and around 15 to 30Nm is considered as an all-rounder for drilling and other tasks.

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