12 Best BP Monitors In India To Track Your Fitness – 2024

Staying align with your fitness goals in today’s fast paced life is extremely important for a healthy lifestyle. Monitoring your blood pressure is one of the fundamental aspects of this journey, which provides the insights of your health and well being.

While the market is being flooded with many options for the BP monitors, selecting the right machine can be tiring as well as time consuming. 

To turn your decision making process into an easy one, we’ve made a list of the best BP monitors in India, that help you track your fitness and also to keep a check on your health.

Blood Pressure Machines

Here are the 12 best bp monitors in India:

1: Omron Fully Automatic Digital BP Monitor Machine 

Omron Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine

This bp monitor by Omron is a compact, easy to understand, and easy-to-use blood pressure machine that delivers precise measurements of blood pressure & pulse rate and gives quick results.

The Fits Arm Circumference device of this blood pressure machine uses the IntelliSense technology for accurate measurements, also with the comfortable and controlled inflation process. Also there is no need for pressure pre-setting or re-inflation.

Key Highlights:

  • Has a 3 year warranty. 
  • A lifetime support. 
  • This product also helps in detecting irregular heartbeat.
  • Also has a Hypertension Indicator.

2: Rossmax BP Monitor

Rossmax Blood Pressure Monitor

Next one is the BP monitor by Rossmax, which offers superior performance and enhances the quality with a big dial face of around 65mm, which makes it easy to read. The sphygmomanometer unit in the BP monitor is easy to use and can be operated with one hand only. 

The Bp machine is analog compatible with portable design and is single-handed operation. Also the Rossmax blood pressure sphygmomanometer machines are durable and long-lasting with the latex free cuff that comes along with it. 

Key Highlights:

  • A durable bp machine.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • The  sphygmomanometer offers a  snug fit which ensures your absolute comfort while checking your BP.

3: MEDTECH BP -12 Digital Blood Pressure BP Monitoring Machine

MEDTECH BP Monitoring Machine

This BP meter offers a USB-C port and includes a USB-C cable too,  to power your device in case you do not want to use the batteries. Apart from that this BP Monitor machine has a wide 4 inch display which makes reading the numbers easy even a long distance. 

Also the Medtech BP monitors have the ‘SMART MDD TECHNOLOGY’, that adjusts inflation rate easily to give highly accurate results.

Key Highlights:

  • This bp machine comes with a travel pouch. 
  • Offers a dual memory system.
  • Has a large display. 

4: Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP-15

Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor Model BP-15

This blood pressure monitor in the list offers identifying the irregular heartbeats and also gives the average of 3 successive readings. This blood pressure monitor uses a power source of 4x into the AA alkaline batteries. Also this blood pressure monitor machine helps in maintaining a track of fitness and health.

Key Highlights:

  • Uses a power source of upto 4x.
  • Comes with included components like cuff, 4 x AA Batteries, Instruction Manual.
  • Gives average of 3 successive readings.

5: Dr. Trust Smart Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr Trust Smart Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

One of the most interesting features of this BP monitor machine is that it offers voice guidance feature in languages like Hindi or English, and is the easiest BP monitor to use, which is fully automatic.

The bp machine comes with an USB port connectivity and supports multiple peripheral USB devices. Apart from that, this bp machine also works with 4AA batteries and is easy to carry along for mobile use. 

Key Highlights:

  • Offers an extra wide cuff.
  • It is fully automatic and convenient to use. 
  • Offers the medical level accuracy.
  • Comes with USB port connectivity.

6: MEDITIVE Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor 

MEDITIVE Fully Automatic Arm-type Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This bp monitor offers an extra large display for easy reading, and also gives clinically tested results with high accuracy and efficiency. Uses a WHO indicator and oscillometric method for better accuracy.

The operation of the bp machine is quiet and has a low noise inflation. Comes with included batteries and switches off when the battery is dead.

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with 4 AAA batteries.
  • Also you can use your mobile adaptor to charge the bp machine.
  • Has a large display.

7: AmbiTech Fully Automatic BP Monitor 

AmbiTech Fully Automatic Arm-type BP Monitor

AmbiTech Fully Automatic Arm-type BP Monitor comes with a battery powered source, i.e. the alkaline batteries. It comes with components like user manual, cuff, and more of it. Also has a LCD display and is suitable for arm type use.

8: OTICA Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

OTICA Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This blood pressure monitor comes with an MDI technology to ensure the most accurate measurements. Also it works on AAA size batteries. Apart from that you can use it on Micro USB Cable

This machine is a compact fully automatic blood pressure monitor which is operating on the oscillometric principle for precise measurements and accurate results. With that It measures your blood pressure and pulse rate with easy one touch operation.

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with USB cable included. 
  • Has a 2 year warranty.
  • Offers a good memory storage.
  • Works on triple A batteries.

9: INFI Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

INFI Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This digital blood pressure monitor or machine comes with a C port power supply so that you can also use a mobile charger to charge or run it without any batteries. Also the process of the blood pressure machine is fast as it does not discharge quickly. It gives an accurate and to the point reading because it creates less pressure on the arm of the patient.

Key Highlights:

  • Offers type C cable use. 
  • Quick operations. 
  • Comes with AA batteries.

10: Control D Homely CPort BP Monitor

Control D Homely CPort BP Monitor

This bp monitor machine highly supports the use of type C cable and port, which makes it easy for you to even charge a mobile phone with it. It is an arm portable digital blood pressure machine with micro USB. The battery is powered by AAA batteries or by the type C cable.  

Key Highlights:

  • offers components like Cuff, AAA Battery, Blood Pressure Monitor, and a User Manual.
  • Battery power source is AAA batteries or the type C cable.

11: AccuSure Blood Pressure Monitor

AccuSure Blood Pressure Monitor

The bp machine uses around  299 sets of memory. Also this one is a portable blood pressure machine, as it records your daily readings. Apart from that, a large cuff is included with this BP Monitor.

This BP monitor also supports USB C Type Cable. The testing of this BP Monitor comes with a beautiful Large cuff that fits comfortably around all arm sizes.

Key Highlights:

  • It is among the WHO indication categorization of products. 
  • Has a good storage of memory. 
  • The power source of the bp monitor machine is both battery-Powered & USB Powered (USB wire not Included in Package).

12: TRUSTCHECK Blood Pressure Monitor 

TRUSTCHECK Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Last but not the least is the blood pressure by Trustcheck. The blood pressure monitor machine is WHO recognized and a Indicator, apart from that it also has an Intelligent pressurization technique.

Also the bp monitor machines offer a fine LCD display, good storage of memory, along with the use of a micro USB power adapter.

Key Highlights:

  • Offers 99 TESTs Memory for 2 users each. 
  • Detects irregular heartbeats. 
  • Offers the facility for MICRO USB power adapter.

How To Choose The Best BP Monitor

Below are some important factors that are must to look at while selecting a best BP monitor:

1: One of the most valuable things to look at is the type of blood pressure monitor you want. As an automatic BP monitor requires the cuff to be wrapped around upper arm or wrist, while the manual BP monitors must be pumped up using a rubber bulb at the end of the cuff.

2: Another important factor is to look for accuracy through clinical validation. Do make sure that the readings shown on the display of the BP monitor is accurate and right.

3: Check the size of the cuff, as the wrong size of the cuff can lead to inaccuracies in blood pressure measurement.

4: Prices vary from machine to machine. Choose an appropriate BP monitor that matches well with your budget and also suitable according to your needs.

Final Thoughts

Having a reliable and a convenient blood pressure monitor is an essential step taken towards your fitness. Whether you want a BP monitor with advanced features, a budget friendly one, a portable one, and more, there’s a wide range of options available that caters to all your needs and preferences. Choose wisely and prioritize good well being and health of yours and your loved ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How long does the BP monitor lasts?

Most of the blood pressure monitors/machines lasts for two to three years, depending on model to model.

2: What are the main factors to look at while choosing a BP machine?

Some of the factors which are important to look at are the cuff size, price range, reading accuracy, and display.

3: Which BP type monitor is most accurate?

Upper arm blood pressure monitors are recommended by most of the doctors and specialists.

4: How to check if BP monitor is accurate or not?

To check if the BP monitor is accurate or not is to select the one which is approved under a formal validation protocol and meet the administration standards.

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