11 Best Car Android System For Your Car In India (Top Picks)

Finding a perfect in-car entertainment and navigation system has become an essential thing, as these car android systems not only offer great features with seamless integration but also make the car journey into a memorable one. Therefore, we’ve curated the list of best car android system for your car, with innovative yet user friendly features. 

From sleek touchscreen displays to amazing technology driven features, these car android systems offer to change the way you interact with your vehicle.

As there are a pile of options available out there, selecting the good ones among those, can be a little difficult as well as a time consuming task for you. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of car android systems for your car!


Best car Android System In India

Here are some of the best car android systems in India:

1: Bassoholic Premium Android Car System

Bassoholic Premium Android Car System

This android car system by Bassholic offers the split screen function, an absolute good bluetooth connectivity, Android OS, voice calling, youtube connectivity, mirror link, access to google play store, a gorilla glass protection cover, and many more like that. 

One of the interesting features of this android system is that it comes with Capacitive IPS display, which lets you enjoy the same display quality from any angle. Also the Bassoholic Android System come In 4 different UI themes. 

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Has 6 months extended warranty program without any term and condition.
  • Has UI customization option. 
  • Comes with 2 USB connectors.

2: JXL Car Android System

JXL Car Android System

Here comes another car android system in the list! This one too has an amazing set of features like the interactive user interface, the gorilla glass and IPS Display, Bluetooth Calling and connectivity, music connectivity, equalizer modes, also with mirror link for IOS and android.

It can be fitted in all cars. JXL android car systems comes with pure coupler to coupler fitment, also provides 2 USB ports, access to google play store, an easy amplifier connectivity, full HD display, not only this but you can get a good camera connectivity along with the speakers.

Key Highlights:

  • Has a 1 year warranty. 
  • Has a capacitive IPS display. 
  • 6 month extended warranty.
  • GPS navigation and also get a power adapter.

3: Auto Snap Car Android System

Auto Snap Car Android System

The car android system that has a high resolution IRS display along with that offers scratch resistant touch screen panel. This car android system fits in all cars having the standard double din space of 7×4 inch. 

It has following features like fine Bluetooth connectivity, google play store access, high definition FM range, auto memory store function, mirror link, Bluetooth calling, video calling, HD touchscreen panel, reverse parking input function, along with a bass & treble LSR channel stabilizer. The android system comes with USB connector cables, stereo fuse, and more of it.

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with a 10 months warranty. 
  • Also get a 2 months extended warranty.
  • Get power connectors with the android system.
  • A video adapter cable.

4: iBELL Car Stereo Android System with Remote

iBELL Car Stereo Android System with Remote

Another car android system in the list is car android system by iBELL! This car android system comes with a remote, so that it makes it easy for you to access it and also use it from any seat of your car. 

This iBELL car system comes with 18 preset FM stations options to choose from. Not only this, it also offers a preset scam option. It also has a detachable front panel feature.

Key Highlights:

  • Has 8 preset FM options. 
  • 1 year standard warranty.
  • 1 year additional warranty on free registration.

5:  Dulcet Single Din Car Android System

Dulcet Single Din Car Android System

Next one to consider is the Dulcet single din car android system. This car android system supports bluetooth/ dual USB/SD card slot and also the AUX Input, which makes sure that you  can easily enjoy music from your phone, Pen Drive or SD Card.

Also, Its built-in FM Radio Function with 18 Preset Radio Memory will keep you in touch with your Favorite FM/Radio Stations. Also can be fitted in all cars.


  • Comes with a one year warranty period. 
  • Offers a smartphone holder too. 
  • Has 18 preset radio options.

6: TINGKAT Car Android System

TINGKAT Car Android System

One of the most highlighted features of this car android system is that it comes with Capacitive Touch Gorilla Glass  touch screens of 2.5D which offers scratch resistance. Along  with IPS Panel, so that you can enjoy amazing video quality from any view angles of the car with high quality display. 

It has a simple installation process, which requires standard double din space of 7×4 Inch. It will come with a fascia frame for your car to properly fit the android system. Also offers a proper wiring kit plug and play without cutting any wire.

Key Highlights: 

  • Comes with 16GB ROM.
  • Gorilla touch screen glass. 
  • DSP Equalizers. 
  • IPS screen views.

7: Modorwy Chevrolet SAIL Car Android System

Modorwy Chevrolet SAIL Car Android System

The double din on this car android system has a screen mirror link feature for Android & Iphone both, which lets you enjoy your content on mobile on Stereo. Most suitable for those who often travel and also becomes very useful for drivers to navigate and connect with google maps  by your stereo with your phone. 

Alos offers connectivity options via – Bluetooth, USB, AUX and SD-Card Slot. also offers dual storage options with USB & SD Card slot to carry any number of songs and videos on your drive. 

Key Highlights:

  • Offers 32 GB internal memory. 
  • GPS navigation.
  • Has in-built play store, offers clock display, and other functions too.

8: Modorwy Universal Car Android System

Modorwy Universal Car Android System

Another one by Modorwy! This android system provides a Car Stereo, which is 9 inch HD 1280P and has a capacitive touch screen with android features. Not only this, the app for this car android system can be easily downloaded from the play store.

It also has an anti-knock feature, with high temperature protection. It has a built-in GPS receiver: and also the offline maps can be seamlessly downloaded. The car android system also offers easy connectivity to Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, with that it offers navigation functions.

Key Highlights:

  • Offers 1 year warranty. 
  • Comes with the newest android systems. 
  • ‘Has 32 GB ROM.

9: Trony Advanced Car Android System

Trony Car Android System

This car android system comes with an in-built Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions. Apart from that it has following features like, split Screen, seamless Bluetooth connectivity for both video call as well as normal call, mirror link connectivity, a good sound output, a fine and large touch screen, with that get 2 USB Ports. 

Also the system comes with the coupler to coupler fitment, by which users can connect the car wire with system wire without any cutting, which increases the durability of the product as well as does not alter the original car warranty and guarantee.


  • Offers 2 USB ports.
  • Seamless amplifier connectivity. 
  • Get an in-built Apple car play and android auto functions. 

10: Hamaan Full HD Car Android System

Hamaan Car Android System

Another name in the list is car android system by Hamaan! It offers a fine Bluetooth connectivity, a fine way to mirror link, voice and video calling via Bluetooth, high definition FM range, auto memory saver function, also the reverse parking input function, along with the Bass LSR channel stabilizer. 

It also provides seamless GPS navigation with an amazing digital touch screen and also helps in screen mirroring, which helps to prevent eyesight weakening.

Key Highlights:

  • Comes with a 1 year warranty. 
  • Offers no warranty on burnt and physical damage. 
  • Get a LSR Channel stabilizer. 
  • Offers power connectors

11: Aksmy 10 Inch Car Android System

Aksmy 10 Inch Car Android System

Last but not the least, its the car android system by Aksmy! One of the prime features of this car android system is It comes with a 2.5D IPS display. Which ensures that  you can enjoy the same display quality from any angle, a better contrast and also a better display.

It comes with a Gorilla glass screen protection cover, which is an absolutely good choice in order to have a scratch resistant touchscreen. It also has an auto screen memory saver option, a good Bluetooth connectivity, and more of it.


  • Offers a 1 year warranty.
  • Offers a bass and LST channel stabilizer. 
  • Has 2 GB RAM. 
  • Amplifier support. 

How To Choose The Best Car Android Systems For Your Car

Below are some of the points that you might look for before picking up a android system for your car:

1: One of the basic feature to look for while selecting a android system for your is the processing power. As car android systems with fast processors and more RAM helps in improving the app facility use.

2: Another thing to look for is the connectivity, one of the crucial aspect of android systems in the car. As now there are many modern and innovative features that come along with it. Like faster wireless connections, etc.

3: The screen size of the car android system. Select the car android system that fits right into your car dashboard, as there are lot of slot sizes and dimensions of the car android systems.

4: The storage of the android system has a major part to play. As the more inbuilt storage of the car android systems lets user to play songs, movies, maps, etc. on an offline basis too.

Final Thoughts

The automotive landscape is ever changing and evolving, and these car android systems stand out as amazing names in this sphere.  A right and a good car android system can make your car journey into a relaxing as well as into a memorable one.

But finding a perfect and a good car android system that has updated yet innovative features can become a huge work to carry out. Therefore, to make you free from this time consuming work, we’ve listed down the best car android systems in the market, each offering you the best and updated technology driven feature of them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Does every car supports car android auto systems?

To use this car android system, the car needs to be a good and compatible with android auto or should have installed it from outside.

2: How long does a car android system lasts?

On an average these car android systems last upto 4-8 years. Only if it is maintained properly.

3: How does these car android systems by connecting phone with it?

These android systems brings app of your phones screen on car android system display, which helps you focus one one thing while you drive.

4: Does all the car android systems need a cable to operate?

That’s not always necessary. Some systems have a wireless connectivity, while other systems may need a USB cable for connectivity.

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