11 Best Recliner Chairs In India For Maximum Comfort

Relaxation! The word that has become a top most used word in the current pace of life. Isn’t it? Well, that’s the whole reality, in the current busy phase of our lives we all seek relaxation and the convenience of comfort in every possible way. Whether it be for working, traveling, finances, and even for the chairs! Like the recliner chairs, the right ones that can transform your relaxation experience. To know which ones are the good picks, let’s discuss the best recliner chairs in India.

Consumers in the Indian market, where they seek both comfort and sophistication, the choices can be overwhelming.

Best recliner chairs in India

The market offers a plethora of options in the realm of recliners, and this write-up will unravel the best picks among the rest with their set of features!

Below are the 11 best recliner chairs in India:

1: Green Soul Comfy Recliner Chair

Green Soul Comfy Recliner Chair

The first on the list is Green Soul Comfy Fabric Single Seater Recliner Chair, which is a prominent name in the recliner chairs space. The chair is said to provide relaxation and comfort to the next level and seamlessly reclines. 

The chair has used polyester fabric, which is easy to clean and maintain and is made up of engineered wood i.e. the particle board, ideal for everyday use. 

Crafted with elegant design that not only excel in providing the best but also transform living space into a haven of elegance, sophistication and relaxation.


  • Comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Product dimensions are: 40D x 40W x 40H Centimeters.
  • Has a DIY (Do It Yourself) setting up process.
  • Fill material used is of foam, and is suitable for living space. 
  • Polyester fabric used is easy to clean.

2: Little NAP Stainless Steel Recliner Chair

Little NAP Stainless Steel Recliner chair

The chair that is a perfect blend of sophistication, rhythmic curves, mesmerizing cushions, style and comfort. The Little NAP recliner chair company has used German technology heavy duty mechanism in making of their chairs. The brand is known to be one of the best manufacturers of recliner chairs. 

The chair has a polyester filling from the Reliance brand in their back cushions and arm cushions. Plus it has a mix of high-quality foam (with 22 & 28 density) for great seat support. Its seat structure is made of up quality and durable wood.


  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Product dimensions are 76.2D x 99.1W x 101.6H Centimeters.
  • An ergonomic recliner chair.
  • Provides complete lumbar support and head support. 

3: Lezino Electric Motorized Recliner Chair

Lezino Electric Motorized Recliner Chair

Here comes the electric charged recliner chair. The electric switch in the recliner chair can be used over 15000 times. Its solid metal frame offers maximum stability and strength. The foam used in the chair is 32 density sleepwell feather foam, which is a high-resiliency foam that provides the perfect blend of cushion and support from head to toe.

The Lezino is a renowned manufacturer of a wide variety of stylish, modern and sleek indoor furniture & with the specialization in recliner chairs. Its special features include the arm rest, ergonomics, cushion availability, and a fine head support.


  • A motorized recliner chair.
  • A 1-year warranty.
  • Only requires wipe cleaning.
  • Product dimensions are: 99.1D x 91.4W x 106.7H Centimeters.

4: Innovate Recliner & Chair Recliners

Innovate Recliner & Sofa Recliners

The chair that comes with a rotating and rocking recliner feature. Exciting, right! The chair offers strong back support and comes in a standard size. Its seating material is made up of leather and along with that it does not require any extra cleaning, just only wipe cleaning is sufficient.

The chair is already assembled and is a light weight product with matt finish. It’s got a swivel base movement.


  • Has a 1 year warranty.
  • Product dimensions are 39D x 37W x 39H Centimeters.
  • Wood and Leatherette material.
  • Lightweight recliner.

5: Sleepyhead RX5 – Fabric Recliner

Sleepyhead RX5 - Fabric Recliner

The timeless piece of comfort and relaxation. The chair material is made of rubber wood and the fabric used is polyester and has passed the comfort standards tests to stand out in the recliner market.This reclining chair effortlessly complements the decor of your house, that creates a cohesive and inviting space. 

The chair is made up in contemporary style, and is a light weight product which only requires wipe cleaning. It has a solid pattern, a wood finish type, with a solid back style. 


  • This recliner comes with a 1 year warranty.
  • Its product dimensions are ‎76D x 79W x 99H Centimeters.
  • Rubber wood material.
  • Has passed durability tests. 
  • A DIY product.

6: FURLAY Recliner Chair

FURLAY Foldable Recliner

The recliner that is being said to provide long durability. This Furlay recliner chair provides 6 adjustable positions, with multi positions, whether to use the chair for sitting or sleeping, and it becomes one of the distinct features of this recliner chair. 

Its frame is made of heavy duty steel material. No assembly of the product is required, it is easy to fold and carry. Its seating cushion contains high density foam, which makes it absolutely comfortable for seating. 


  • Comes with 6 adjustable positions.
  • It is a removable cloth recliner.
  • Has an unbreakable fiber handle. 
  • Product dimensions are 61D x 21W x 91H Centimeters.

7: Duroflex Avalon – Rocking & Revolving Recliner

Another rocking and revolving recliner in the list. This Avalon recliner is made from high-quality and high-resilient duroflex foam. It has unique in-built mechanisms with 3 reclining positions.  It has a 360 degree rotation mechanism and rocking chair motion functionality. Along with that it also offers three easy-to-reach reclining angles for easy comfort and ergonomic support.

Offers great back and arm support. The arm and back is made up with premium fabric and uses high-quality virgin polyester fiber for superior back support. This recliner can be self set-up with utmost ease.


  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • DIY product.
  • Avoid exposure to water or prolonged moisture.
  • The frame material is made up of Nylon fiber.

8: Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair

Spacecrafts Recliner Folding Easy Chair

The recliner offers the easy to fold feature, which makes it a pretty convincing and go-to choice for picking among the recliners options. As it can be easily carried and can easily be stored behind any door or any place.

It has a lightweight reinforced oblate tube and has quality crafted fabric for easy clean up. The low maintenance close weave fabric used in this classic recliner makes it easy to clean and super suitable in your home and furniture. 

It has an ergonomic design that helps to reduce muscle tension and stress. Lays completely flat and has a perfect balance between firmness and softness. Plus, it has high quality pipe racks that strengthens the load-bearing capacity and the seat is suspended in the frame that supports your weight and also helps reduce pressure points.


  • Its frame is made of a mild steel tumbler.
  • Its product dimensions are 94D x 65W x 112H Centimeters.
  • Only requires wipe cleaning.
  • Comes with 5 adjustable positions. 
  • A portable chair.

9: Amazon Brand – Solimo Recliner

Amazon Brand - Solimo Recliner

This Amazon recliner comes with a high backrest style and a fabric finish. It excels in offering comfortable sitting with high-quality fabric with an attractive design, and is made with a strong and durable material which ensures longevity.

Its fabric does not lose color with rubbing. It has an engineered wood material type frame material and is a contemporary style product. The recliner has passed all the durability tests and meets all European Standard for performance and stringent European safety requirement standard.


  • Has a 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Product dimensions are 91D x 84W x 102H Centimeters.
  • Only requires wipe cleaning. 
  • DIY and a light weight product. 

10: RM Home Recliner Chair

RM Home Recliner

This recliner chair is made up of high quality leather and foam material. A Leatherette recliner. It has a wood finish and is made with modern style, perfect comfort and sophisticated product. It has a cushion back style and requires hand wash. It is made up of pine material. A self assembled product that comes with manual locking feature and has an arm padded style.


  • A DIY product.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Product dimensions are 78D x 91W x 96H Centimeters.
  • Requires hand wash care. 

11: WellNap Wood Recliner Chair

WellNap Wood Recliner Chair

This single seat recliner’s special feature is that it offers upholstered, i.e. it offers a very soft padded covering. The frame material is made of wood and has a solid back style. It contains a single seater foam factor, has a manual locking mechanism, and the material that is used in the upholstery is rexine, to provide the soft padding.


  • A DIY product, an easy to assemble product.
  • Product dimensions are 85D x 85W x 85H Centimeters.
  • Distinct & special feature: Upholstered type.
  • Only requires wipe cleaning.

How To Choose The Best Recliner Chairs In India

There are multiple factors that you should consider before selecting a recliner. Let’s see some of the key factors that are must to note.

1: Before buying a recliner you should be clear about the space where you want to put it. That is you need to take measure of your room, living room, or wherever you want to put that recliner.

2: Look for the comfort. See if the chair is comfortable or not, does your body fits in right way. Select the recliner that suits your body type as if selected the wrong one it can lead to discomfort.

3: Check the material and the fabric. Pay utmost attention to the material and the fabric of the chair. There are many options to choose from like, leather, cotton, polyester, etc.

4: Pick the recliner that has good quality as well as the durability. Some recliners are costly, so select the one that has a longer life and is of maximum good quality.

Final Thoughts

As we reach the final step of this discussion, choosing the best recliner among the rest can be a tough call as there are plethora of options available in the market. There are certain factors that are needed to be taken care while making a choice for the recliner as it leads to the comfort and relaxation in the busy phase of our lives.   

From plush upholstery to best designs, each recliner offers the utmost comfort and relaxation that is being looked at while thinking about a recliner chair.

To help you in picking the best one among the pool of options, we’ve listed the best recliners in India, along with their best offerings. These recliners ensure not only priority comfort, but also make sure to provide an elegant and sophisticated look to home and also are a space-saving solution. 

So, the next time when you look for buying a recliner that is not only relaxing and pleasant, but also looks elegant in your home, do consider looking at the above best picked recliners in India!

Happy Buying Journey!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How long should a recliner last?

A recliner is generally made of frameworks like wood, and high quality materials, and generally should last about five to seven years.

2: How much average space does a recliner need?

On an average space recommended for a recliner is between 61 & 63 inches.

3: What is the best way to sit in a recliner?

The ideal position that has been recommended to sit in a recliner keeping in mind the health of your spine, you should recline your chair at a angle of 135 degrees between your thighs and torso.

4: Is recliner good for posture?

Research suggests that sitting in a reclined position is better for spine as it reduces pressure at the back.

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