Andharban Jungle Trek 2023 (Pune) – Full Travel Guide

Brief About Andharban Jungle Trek

Andharban, a dense jungle located in the Pimpri region of Maharashtra, is a popular trekking destination in southern India, just an hour and a half’s distance from Lonavla. This dense and dark forest offers a beautiful and unique trek experience, with a gradual descent that takes you down from a summit height of 2160 ft. During the trek, you will be walking on a ridge that provides a fantastic view of the Kundalika Valley, Bhira dam, Devkund Waterfall, and the mountain ranges of Tamhini Ghat. The majority of the trek takes place in the evergreen forest, which offers shade and a serene environment.

View of Mountains at Andharban Trek
View of Mountains at Andharban Trek

This trek is ideal for nature lovers who want to explore the Sahyadri hills, as it offers a chance to see various species of birds like the Jacobin cuckoo, the Malabar whistling thrush, dwarf kingfishers, and minivets. The trek descends further into Konkan to reach the Bhira village which is the origin of the Kundalika river, a famous white water rafting destination. The Andharban trek offers a unique experience as it has different starting and ending points, making it one of the rarest treks in the area.

Additionally, it is a great spot for night trekking, and a professional guide is recommended. With its misty forest landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and breathtaking views, the Andharban trek is a must-visit destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers.

Ideal Number of Days for the Visit: 1-2 days

Trek Distance: 4.5 Km

Trek Altitude: 2,160 Feet

Nearest Railway Station: Pune Railway Station

Nearest Airport: Pune International Airport

Best Places to Visit & Explore during Andharban Jungle Trek

Tamhini Ghat, located in the Pimpri region of Maharashtra, India, offers a scenic and adventurous experience to travelers. Here, you can take a trek to explore several waterfalls and viewpoints, including Tamhini Waterfalls, Plus Valley Trek, Devkund Waterfall, and Hemant Waterfall. Additionally, Tamhini Hill Top and Tamhini Ghat View Point are must-visit spots for those who love to take in panoramic views of the surroundings.

In the vicinity, you can also enjoy water rafting in the Kundalika river, which is around 10 to 15 kilometers from Tamhini Ghat. If you’re looking for a luxurious getaway, the scenic and luxurious spas and resorts in Lavasa, just two hours from Pimpri village, are a great option. There, you can try a variety of adventure sports, including ziplining, swimming, lakeshore kayaking, and jet skiing.

Meanwhile, for those traveling between Lonavala and Pimpri, there are several amazing places to explore, such as Sudhagad Lake, Takmak Point, and more.

What is the best time to visit Andharban Jungle Trek?

The best months to undertake the Andharban Jungle Trek are June to September, which is during the pre-monsoon, monsoon, and right after the monsoon season. During these months, the valley is at its most lush and green, providing breathtaking views.

If you prefer a less humid environment, trekking in the forest between October to January is also an option. The winter months add a misty and mystical atmosphere to the dense forest, creating a dreamy landscape that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

How to reach the Starting Point of Trek?

Pimpri village in Maharashtra is the starting point of the trek and can be accessed via various modes of transportation.

Traveling by Road: From Pimpri village, Lonavala is around 50 kilometers away and can be reached by either taking a cab or a bus. If you’re coming from Mumbai, you can opt for a self-drive car. Trekkers coming from cities other than Mumbai can first reach Pune and then take a private taxi to Pimpri village.

Traveling by Rail: There are several trains available from Mumbai to Lonavala and Pune like Pune Intercity, Deccan Express, Udyan Express, and Hazrat Nizamuddin Express for travelers coming from the north. Most trains from South India to Mumbai stop at Pune.

Traveling by Flight: Pune airport is located at a distance of around 12.2 km from FC Road, Pune, and is reachable from major cities in India by flight. From Pune, take a cab to reach Pimpri village.

Difficulty Level of Andharban Jungle Trek

The Andharban Trek is a moderate-level trek that requires good endurance and prior trekking experience. It starts from Pimpri Village and begins at Independent Point near the Pimpri Dam. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, it’s recommended to hire a local guide and start the trek early in the morning.

However, during the monsoon season, the trek can become risky due to the turbulence of water streams. Additionally, the trek is temporarily banned during this period to protect wild animals and to avoid accidents at the waterfall crossing. While trekking in Mumbai can become challenging during monsoon season due to the large crowds and government bans, the initial climb of the Andharban Trek will offer a completely shaded trail with plenty of water streams and stunning views of the backwaters of Bira Dam.

A board stating prohibition at Andharban Trek
A board stating prohibition at Andharban Trek

Availability of Accommodations & Food near the Trek

Accommodation options are available for travelers who wish to stay close to Andharban. You can choose from lodges in Patnus village, overnight camping or lakeside camping at Bhira Dam. If you prefer more options, head to Lonavala or Pune where you can find budget stays and hotels starting from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3000. There are also forest lodges and resorts in the vicinity of Andharban.

When it comes to food, it is recommended to have a full breakfast in Pune, Lonavala, or Mumbai before you start your trek. If you are coming from Pune, you can stop at Mulshi and enjoy local Maharashtrian cuisine in nearby dhabas like Dream Land or Basho’s restaurant. On the other hand, if you are coming from Lonavala, there are many highway eateries and dhabas to choose from. You can also find local eateries in Pimpri.

Physical & Mental Preparation Required for Trek

To enter the Andharban jungle, you need to obtain a permit by registering at the Tamhini Wildlife sanctuary website. The cost is INR 150 per person and the registration is limited to 500 people/day, so make sure to book in advance. When visiting the Andharban jungle, make sure to bring a waterproof backpack, trekking shoes with a good grip, and an ID proof. It is also important to be mindful of the environment and not litter, cause noise pollution, or bring disposable plastic. Having prior trekking experience is beneficial but not required.

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