NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Review – Blend Of Style & Fashion

Noise is on a spree of launching cool new smartwatches. Right after launching ColorFit Pulse 3, it has now launched NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch making the lives of tech enthusiasts difficult by providing so many cool options.

Though that’s where we come in with our NoiseFir Curve Smartwatch review. We took the time and tested this newly launched watch to monitor and evaluate all the aspects so that you can make an informed choice. So let’s get into the nitty gritty of this watch & discuss all the key aspects in this review.

Loads Of Styling Options - NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Review

In this NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch review, we will be covering the design, style, features, specifications, and all the smart features. Let’s go ahead!

NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Price: ₹2,199 ₹5,999 (63% OFF Launch Offer)

NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Pros & Cons

Vibrant TFT display for clear and crisp visualsNo built-in GPS, relies on the connected smartphone for location tracking
Impressive battery life for up to 7 days of typical usageLimited app ecosystem compared to other smartwatches
Convenient charging with a quick charging time of approximately 2 hours
Extensive health monitoring features including heart rate and SpO2 tracking

Design Review

When it comes to design, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch exudes a seamless blend of style and functionality. Sporting a sleek circular shape with a flat surface, this smartwatch is a true eye-catcher. Its minimalist and modern aesthetics make it a perfect accessory for any occasion.

The strap of the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch is made of high-quality silicone, ensuring both comfort and durability. With a width of 22mm, it offers a secure and snug fit on your wrist. The strap comes in a variety of attractive colors, including Silver Grey, Vintage Brown, and Jet Black, allowing you to personalize your style.

Crafted with a combination of metallic finish and polycarbonate, the watch case of the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch not only enhances its durability but also adds a touch of sophistication. Weighing just 41.4 grams, this lightweight smartwatch offers a comfortable wearing experience throughout the day.

Changing the wristband on the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch is a breeze. Simply locate the mechanism on the underside of the watchband to remove and replace it effortlessly. If you ever feel the need to switch up your style, worry not! Replacement straps are readily available for purchase on the official website, providing you with endless customization options.

Display - NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Review

Specifications & Features Review

Featuring a vibrant TFT display with a size of 3.50cm (1.38″) and a resolution of 240*240px, the NoiseFit Curve delivers crisp and clear visuals. With a brightness of 550 nits, the display ensures excellent visibility even in bright sunlight. What’s more, the smartwatch offers cloud-based watch faces, allowing you to customize your device with a wide range of stylish and dynamic watch face options.

In terms of connectivity, the NoiseFit Curve is compatible with iOS 10 & above and Android 8 & above. It utilizes Bluetooth v5.3 for seamless wireless connection to your smartphone, ensuring quick and reliable communication.

Equipped with advanced sensors, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch provides comprehensive health monitoring features. It includes a heart rate sensor, allowing you to keep track of your heart rate throughout the day. Additionally, the smartwatch features an accelerometer for accurate activity tracking, as well as an SpO2 sensor to measure blood oxygen levels. For the ladies, there’s a built-in female cycle tracker, and the device also offers stress measurement and breathe practice features for enhanced well-being.

The NoiseFit Curve goes beyond health monitoring, offering an extensive range of smart features. It supports Bluetooth calling, enabling you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist. You can access recent call logs, save up to 10 contacts, and even view caller name information.

The smartwatch provides smart notifications, ensuring you stay informed of incoming messages and alerts. It also offers convenient features like a stopwatch, timer, alarm, world clock, calculator, and reminder, making it a versatile companion for your daily activities. With its IP68 water resistance rating, you can wear the NoiseFit Curve without worries during water-related activities or even in the rain.

Waterproof - NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Review

Battery Life & Performance Review

When it comes to battery life and performance, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch excels, ensuring that it can keep up with your active lifestyle without missing a beat. With a battery capacity of 300 mAh, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch offers an impressive battery life of up to 7 days on typical usage. This means you can go a full week without having to worry about constantly charging your smartwatch. In standby mode, the NoiseFit Curve can last up to 25 days, providing extended usage even when you’re not actively using the device.

Charging the NoiseFit Curve is a breeze, thanks to its efficient charging capabilities. With a charging time of approximately 2 hours, you can quickly power up your smartwatch and get back to enjoying its features. Once fully charged, the smartwatch will display a 100% Charged message, indicating that it’s ready to accompany you throughout the day.

If you want to extend the battery life of your NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch even further, there are a few simple steps you can take. Adjusting the brightness level to a lower setting can significantly conserve battery power. Additionally, turning off the All-day Heart Rate measurement when not needed can also help preserve battery life.

For tracking your workouts, the NoiseFit app comes to the rescue. Simply open the app and navigate to the Daily Report section, where you can find detailed insights and summaries of your daily activities. Stay on top of your fitness goals and make the most out of your NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch with the help of this intuitive app integration.

Health Features - NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Review

NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch Review – Final Verdict

Priced at ₹2,199, The NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch is a stylish and feature-packed wearable that seamlessly blends fashion with advanced technology. With its sleek design, vibrant display, and comfortable strap, it’s a fashionable accessory for any occasion.

From extensive health monitoring features to impressive battery life and smart functionalities, this smartwatch offers a compelling package for fitness enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals. If you’re looking for a stylish and functional smartwatch that ticks all the right boxes, the NoiseFit Curve is definitely worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch worth buying?

Yes, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch is worth buying for its stylish design, extensive health monitoring features, impressive battery life, and compatibility with both iOS and Android systems.

2: Can I receive calls on NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch?

Yes, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch supports Bluetooth calling, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist.

3: Is NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch waterproof?

Yes, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch has an IP68 water resistance rating, making it suitable for water-related activities and ensuring protection against dust and water immersion.

4: Does NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch have GPS?

No, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch does not have built-in GPS. However, it can utilize the GPS functionality of your connected smartphone for location tracking during outdoor activities.

5: What is the battery life of NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch?

The NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch offers an impressive battery life of up to 7 days on typical usage, allowing you to go a full week without having to recharge.

6: Does NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch show notifications from social networking apps?

Yes, the NoiseFit Curve Smartwatch can show notifications from social networking apps and other apps on your connected smartphone, keeping you informed and connected on the go.

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