Shimla Vs Manali Which Is Better For Travelling & Why?

Whenever one talks about planning a visit to Manali or Shimla, the name of other is bound to come up. In fact, this Shimla vs Manali is quite a populated debatable topic if which one is superior. Nestled in the majestic folds of the Himalayas, both these hill stations have their unique charm, attractions, and experiences that can make it challenging to choose one over the other.

Snow Covered Roads in Shimla - Shimla vs Manali
Snow Covered Roads in Shimla

To make your choice easier, we will be exploring these two jewels of Himachal Pradesh on various fronts. We will provide you with an in-depth comparison, giving you a clearer picture and guiding you to make the right choice for your upcoming trip.

Brief History Of Shimla & Manali


Brief History of Shimla - Shimla vs Manali
Brief History of Shimla

Once a small hamlet, Shimla rose to prominence during the British colonial era when it was declared the summer capital of British India in 1864. The Britishers sought relief in Shimla’s cool climes from the scorching heat of the plains, leaving a lasting architectural legacy that mirrors the city’s historical charm.


Brief History Of Manali - Shimla vs Manali
Brief History Of Manali

Like Shimla, Manali has a rich historical tapestry. However, its past delves into mythology, with the town being named after the lawgiver Manu – believed to be the Hindu equivalent to Noah. Manali, translating to ‘the abode of Manu’, is dotted with ancient temples and monasteries, offering a spiritual retreat that’s distinct from Shimla’s colonial charm.

Key Attractions To Visit In Shimla & Manali


Jakhu Temple in Shimla - Shimla vs Manali
Jakhu Temple in Shimla

The heart of Shimla is the bustling Mall Road, known for its shops, eateries, and colonial buildings. Another must-visit is the Ridge, offering stunning views of the surrounding hills. A journey aboard the Kalka-Shimla toy train, which passes through scenic landscapes, offers an experience like none other and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Kailash Rath Manali - Shimla vs Manali
Kailash Rath Manali

If Shimla is known for its British architecture, Manali flaunts its nature’s endowments. The Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley are a treat for nature enthusiasts, while the Hadimba Temple and Manu Temple are a testament to its rich mythology. The Old Manali area, with its orchards and old guesthouses, offers a bohemian vibe that’s unique compared to Shimla’s colonial aura.

Best Time To Visit Shimla & Manali

Snow Covered Shimla


Shimla is charming year-round, but the best time to visit is between March to June when the weather is pleasantly cool, ideal for exploring the town. For those who wish to witness Shimla’s winter wonderland, the months of December to February offer a breathtakingly beautiful snowy spectacle.


While Shimla enthralls visitors mostly during summer and winter, Manali promises an enchanting experience throughout the year. However, for adventure activities like skiing and snowboarding, the winter months from October to February are ideal. Summertime, from March to June, is perfect for trekking and paragliding.

Types Of Activities Available In Shimla & Manali

Adventures in Shimla - Shimla vs Manali


Shimla has something for everyone. Nature lovers can indulge in scenic treks, and adventure enthusiasts can get their adrenaline pumping with ice-skating, skiing, and paragliding. A walk through the town offers a glimpse into its colonial past, while a ride on the toy train introduces one to the area’s natural splendour.


Just as Shimla offers a variety of adventures, Manali is no less of a thrill-seeker’s paradise. Beyond the usual mountain escapades, Manali stands out with its river rafting opportunities on the Beas River. The town also boasts of breathtaking trekking routes, distinct from those you’d experience in Shimla.

Food and Culture of Shimla & Manali

Manalsu in Manali - Shimla vs Manali
Manalsu in Manali – Shimla vs Manali


Shimla’s culinary scene offers an eclectic mix of Himachali cuisine and colonial flavours. Sample local delicacies like Sidu or Madra, or relish pies from old British bakeries. The town’s culture is a celebration of Himachali traditions and the colonial heritage, best witnessed during the Summer Festival, featuring music, dance, and local handicrafts.


Manali’s food and culture scene is as vibrant as Shimla’s but has its own unique flavors. The town is famous for its trout, cooked fresh from the river, and local delicacies like Mittha. The culture is richly steeped in music, dance, and crafts, encapsulated in the annual Dussehra festival, a spectacle that rivals Shimla’s Summer Festival.

Accommodation Options in Shimla & Manali


Snow Valley Resorts - Shimla
Snow Valley Resorts – Shimla

Whether you’re a luxury seeker or a budget traveler, Shimla’s got you covered. From colonial-era hotels like the Oberoi Cecil and Clarkes Hotel, which take you back in time, to cosy homestays that offer a taste of local life, there are plenty of options to choose from for a comfortable stay.

Here are some very good and reliable options which you can consider in Shimla:


Montana Blues Resort - Manali
Montana Blues Resort – Manali

Manali’s accommodation options are as diverse as Shimla’s. Luxurious resorts, cozy cottages, and budget-friendly hostels are aplenty. For a different experience from Shimla’s colonial hotels, consider staying in traditional Himachali houses converted into guesthouses.

Here are some very good and reliable options which you can consider in Manali:

Shimla Vs Manali: A Comparative Analysis

To make it easier for you to pick between Shimla and Manali, let’s place the key characteristics of both side by side in a comparative table:

HistoryHolds a British colonial past with several historical buildings from that eraKnown for its mythological roots, with several ancient temples and monasteries
Key AttractionsThe Mall Road, Ridge, Kalka-Shimla toy train, Christ Church, Viceregal LodgeHadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Beas River, Old Manali
Best Time to VisitMarch to June for pleasant weather and sightseeing; December to February for snowYear-round, but October to February for winter sports; March to June for trekking and paragliding
ActivitiesTrekking, paragliding, ice-skating, toy train ride, city walksTrekking, paragliding, river rafting, skiing, snowboarding, motorbiking
Food & CultureBlend of Himachali and British cuisine, vibrant cultural festivals like the Summer FestivalRich in local and Tibetan cuisine, known for festivals like Dussehra and traditional music and dance
AccommodationColonial-era hotels, budget guesthouses, homestaysLuxury resorts, traditional Himachali houses, budget hostels

The ultimate decision depends on your personal preference. If you’re a history enthusiast who loves peaceful walks and colonial architecture, Shimla would be the ideal choice. But if you’re an adventure junkie who also enjoys cultural immersions and nature’s grandeur, Manali would be the place to go.

Travel Tips While Visiting Shimla or Manali

Travellers In Shimla - Shimla vs Manali
Travellers In Shimla – Shimla vs Manali

Whether you’ve decided on Shimla’s colonial charm or Manali’s natural allure, or you’re still on the fence, here are a few travel tips and recommendations to ensure you have an unforgettable journey:

Planning Your Trip: Research is key. Look up the local events, festivals, and weather conditions during your intended visit. Always check the road conditions, especially if you’re traveling during the monsoon or winter months when landslides are common.

Accommodation: Book your stay in advance, particularly during the peak seasons.

Transport: Shimla’s toy train is a must-do, as it offers scenic views of the landscape. In Manali, consider hiring a bike or a scooter for local sightseeing – it’s an exciting way to explore the town and its surroundings. Also, be ready for mountainous and sometimes tricky road conditions.

Food: Don’t miss out on local cuisines in both towns. In Shimla, try the Sidu, a local bread served with ghee, while in Manali, taste the fresh river trout.

Souvenirs: In Shimla, you can buy Himachali caps, shawls, and wooden handicrafts as souvenirs. In Manali, look for Tibetan artefacts, woolen clothing, and locally made pickles and jams.

Respect Local Culture: Both Shimla and Manali have rich local cultures. Respect the traditions, don’t litter, and maintain the sanctity of religious places.

Remember, each city offers unique experiences, so comparing Shimla and Manali isn’t about determining which is superior, but rather which aligns better with your travel preferences. Whether you choose the charm of Shimla or the beauty of Manali, your trip to these Himalayan paradises will undoubtedly be a journey to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Which is better Shimla or Manali?

Both Shimla and Manali have their own unique charm. If you’re a fan of colonial architecture, tranquil walks, and cultural festivals, Shimla might be the better choice. If you prefer thrilling adventures, deep cultural immersion, and unspoiled natural beauty, Manali could be your best bet.

2: Which is costly Shimla or Manali?

Both Shimla and Manali offer a wide range of accommodation and food options to fit different budgets. However, the cost can slightly vary depending on the season, with prices tending to rise during peak tourist seasons in both locations.

3: Which is more cold Shimla or Manali?

The climate pattern is similar in both cities due to their proximity in the Himalayan region, but Manali tends to be a bit colder than Shimla, especially during winter.

4: Which month is best for Shimla & Manali to visit?

For Shimla, the best months to visit for pleasant weather are from March to June. For Manali, you can enjoy the place throughout the year, but for specific activities like trekking and paragliding, March to June is ideal, while October to February is best for snow activities.

5: In which month Shimla and Manali see snow?

Both Shimla and Manali witness snowfall in the winter months, typically from late December to February. It’s best to check weather forecasts and local updates for precise predictions closer to your visit.

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