12 Best Gaming Chairs Under 10000

Attention gamers! Welcome to the ultimate gaming universe where comfort meets affordability. Yes, you read that right! Unleash the power of an immersive gaming experience without compromising on your budget. Let’s discover the best gaming chairs under 10000, that best fits into your budget. 

Imagine, a gaming haven where you win your games at the best comfort of your gaming chair. The gaming chairs under 10000, will let you seek the golden opportunity where quality meets budget-friendly ways.

As there are many options available in the market for gaming chairs, here we’ve picked the best ones under affordable prices that will provide you the best comfort for your gaming experience and are also budget friendly ones.

Best gaming chairs under 10000

Let’s see them one by one!

Below are the 12 best gaming chairs in India under 10000:

1: Amazon Basics Euphora Gaming Chair

Amazon Basics Euphora Gaming Chair (Red)

An Amazon product. The chair is made up of aluminum material and has a solid back style. This Solimo gaming chair features a sleek functional design with a tilt mechanism that comes with a single-locking feature and with that an adjustable lumbar support for enhanced comfort.

The 1-dimensional armrest on the chair can be adjusted up and down so you can set it up as per your comfort. Made with aluminum having red color, helps enhance and make it more appealing.

It comes with an adjustable lumbar support and has a nylon base, represented as the epitome of functionality and convenience. Single-lock mechanism for locking system is available.


  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Product dimensions are 53.5D x 72.3W x 129.5H Centimeters. 
  • Only requires wipe cleaning. 
  • Comes with adjustable height and lumbar support. 

2: CELLBELL Tauras Lite High Back Gaming Chair

CELLBELL Tauras Lite High Back Gaming Chair

The chair is made from faux leather material. The CELLBELL Tauras brand is known for providing its best utility functions. The Tauras Lite chair is specially designed for home, office work, meeting purposes, as the design comes under the category of well executive chairs.

This chair is also recommended for gaming purposes as well. Its chrome metal wheelbase and heavy nylon made backrest makes it durable and comfortable. 

It has adjustable arm-rests to support your elbows, adjustable cushioned headrest, along with that it has lumbar pad in backrest which can be adjusted upward and downward while the knob can slightly tighten or lose the lumbar for additional comfort.


  • Tilt mechanism is available till 120 degrees along with the seat adjustment.
  • Has a weight capacity of upto 105 kgs.
  • Product dimensions are 58D x 69W x 138H Centimeters. 
  • Has cushion padded seat material. 

3: beAAtho Amaze Ergonomically Chair

beAAtho Amaze Ergonomically chair

The chair has pretty much adjustable executive mesh material. The chair has features like adjustable head & fixed arm rest, metal base, high back support, etc. The frame is made from ergonomic nylon material for back support. With breathable mesh material the chair helps to keep you sweat free & back pain relief. It has a long lasting molded foam and thick padded long lasting cushion seat. 

The beAAtho Chair allows you to freely adjust the seat height to suit your desk & maintain your posture. The chair products are all certified according to BIFMA standards.


  • A DIY product.
  • Has a 3 year hassle free warranty.
  • Product dimensions are 50D x 65W x 94H Centimeters. 
  • Fully adjustable chair.

4: Green Soul Atom Ergonomic Chair

Green Soul Atom Ergonomic Chair_

The chair has a comfortable and spacious seat and has a rocking-tilt mechanism. This gaming  chair has a comfortable foam back and thick molded foam seat with PP Mesh that provides excellent support while also preventing heat and moisture build-up, keeping your entire body cool and comfortable.

It has fixed armrests and are made from nylon-based material that fully support appropriate posture and relax your arms. A heavy-duty metal foundation ensures durability and stability. 


  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Has a rocking tilt mechanism feature. 
  • Product dimensions are 51D x 48W x 104H Centimeters. 
  • Only requires wipe cleaning. 

5: beAAtho Rio Executive High Back Revolving Chair

beAAtho Rio Executive High Back Revolving Chair

Another product by beAAtho. The chair can be used for gaming purposes, office purposes, desk chairs, etc. It has a revolving foam factor and has a teak furniture finish. Basic Assembly of the chair to be done by the customer, Assembly manual provided in the box.

Videos are also provided to assemble the chair, however for that you need to scan the QR code on the box. It has a solid finish type and has a cushion padded seat material. Along with that it has a polished finish type. 


  • Comes with a 3 year warranty period. 
  • A DIY product. 
  • Teak wood is used in making the top material of the chair. 
  • Product dimensions are 62D x 52W x 110H Centimeters.

6: Toyshop Chair Ergonomic Chair

Toyshop Chair Ergonomic chair

The Toyshop ergonomic chair has a lumbar support that has executive armrest and rolling swivel adjustable back. It has a comfortable contoured mesh back for breathability. This chair has a high-density sponge cushion, which makes it a more flexible chair with a middle back design, rectangular ornament not only as a decoration, it can provide good lumbar support that makes you feel comfortable.

It has a comfortable tilt with infinite locking adjustment for setting chair to preferred angle; 360-degree swivel; smooth-rolling casters.


  • Only requires wipe cleaning.
  • Product dimensions are 55D x 28W x 55H Centimeters. 
  • Adjustable height feature is available.

7: Green Soul Vienna Premium Leatherette Chair

Green Soul Vienna Premium Leatherette Chair

Another one on the list of best gaming chairs under 10,000 is Green soul vienna chair.  The chair offers superior luxury and comfort even during long, intense gaming and work hours. The premium thread stitched diamond pattern of the chair provides a sophisticated detail that provides additional comfort.

This chair features an integrated headrest and armrests that are padded for all-day comfort and support with a five-star base that is molded from reinforced resin with a 360-degree swivel.


  • Upholstered foam factor is used.
  • Product dimensions are 62D x 52W x 110H Centimeters.
  • Only requires wipe cleaning. 
  • A DIY assemble product.

8: Mezonite High Back Revolving Leatherette Chair

Mezonite High Back Revolving Leatherette Chair

The chair that serves multiple purposes. This chair can be used as a gaming chair, office chair, study chair, recliner chair, etc. This chair has an extra cushion at the tip of the chair to ensure you can place your neck comfortably to protect it from any strain. This also ensures that you can rest your neck on it and sit comfortably for long hours and yes take a power nap.

It has padded armrests that are flexible and comfortable and move as you recline. This ensures while you work at your desk for long hours, or play for extended hours, your arms do not fatigue out by the time you are done with your game.


  • Soft foam sitting with PU leather. 
  • Requires dry cleaning. 
  • Product dimensions are 59D x 39W x 39H Centimeters.
  • Has a power coated finish. 
  • Requires dry cleaning.

9: FURNICOM Chairs Armo Medium Back Ergonomic Chair

FURNICOM Chairs Armo Medium Back Ergonomic Chair

This chair also provides the high quality cushion back support making it a go-to choice for gaming time. Also has a thick molded foam on the seat of the chair with upholstery fabric that provides support while also eliminating heat and moisture build-up to keep your whole body cool and comfortable.

The chair has a home spine shaped back that helps in maintaining posture while enjoying the gaming experience and along with that it has fabric that provides good lower back support. 


  • Material used is metal with powder coated.
  • Product dimensions are 44D x 44W x 44H Centimeters. 
  • Requires dry cleaning. 

10: SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Chair

SAVYA HOME Beatle High Back Ergonomic Chair

The chair that comes with a 3 position tilt lock mechanism. It has an alloy steel chrome plated base, which makes it the best base one can have in his chair. Aesthetics also matters among the base of the chairs. It is a premium quality chair and is almost 50% heavier than ordinary plastic and steel bases.

It has a height adjustable feature in the armrest. It can be adjusted up & down by pressing the button. Provides Smooth movement and long life.


  • A DIY product.
  • A 3 position tilt mechanism is available. 
  • Product dimensions are 50D x 46W x 130H Centimeters.
  • Made up of alloy steel material. 
  • Requires only wipe cleaning.

11: Da URBAN Miller Medium Back Revolving Chair

Da URBAN Miller Medium Back Revolving Chair

The DA URBAN chair is ideal for those who sit for long hours either for working or play games for extended periods of time. The bonded leather lumbar support of the chair will make you feel comfortable and let you sit comfortably in the center of the seat cushion and relax your back.

The excellent quality backrest of the DA URBAN chair does the best for you. Tilt back and you will soon realize that it feels like sitting on a comfortable sofa. Da URBAN takes pride in the fine quality material used for the making of chairs. 


  • Fully adjustable chair. 
  • A DIY assembled product.
  • Product dimensions are 77D x 64W x 43.5H Centimeters. 
  • Made from faux leather material. 
  • Only requires wipe cleaning. 

12: FUGO Gaming Chairs

FUGO Gaming Chairs

The frame material of the chair is made from nylon and the inside material is made of faux leather. The foam used is of high-density, ensuring that the customer does not feel pain or soreness while working for a longer duration. The products used in the chair are all manufactured and developed in India. 

Fabric quality of the chair is upholstered in high-quality PU leather. It has durable synthetic leather that can resist oil and water which further makes the office chair smooth, premium looking, and easy to clean.


  • Backrests can be reclones upto 135 degrees angle.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • A Do-It-Yourself product.
  • Product dimensions are 55D x 63W x 116H Centimeters. 
  • Only requires wipe cleaning. 

How To Choose The Best Gaming Chairs Under 10000

Here are some factors that you might consider while looking for a gaming chair that is comfortable as well as budget friendly.

1: Check if the chair has adjustable height feature or not. As adjustable height feature can provide you the best comfort while playing game as you can adjust your chair according to your comfort level and game screen level.

2: Look for the lumbar and back support. As it is very crucial in preventing short-term and long lasting back pain. Select the chair that provides you best and comfortable lumbar and back support.

3: Check the material used while making the chair. As right material can provide you comfy experience while enjoying your game. The common materials used in making of the chair are PU leather, PVC, mesh, and fabric.

4: Look for the right size of the chair. As gaming chairs come in various sizes and shapes, pick the one that helps in maintaining good posture and is also easy to settle.

Final Thoughts

As we reach the final stage of unveiling the best gaming chairs under 10000, we explored and discovered perfect and budget friendly chairs. These chairs have their own set of offerings and perks, that vary from customer to customer. 

From the sleek design to lumbar support, these chairs promise a comfortable yet memorable gaming experience with affordable prices for the chairs.

So, as you  embark on your journey of finding the best gaming chairs under affordable prices like 10,000, do consider looking at the above curated best gaming chairs!

Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: How long does a gaming chair last?

According to the standard measures, a well-maintained and taken care gaming chair can last upto 2 to 5 years.

2: How is a gaming chair comfortable?

One of the major aspect to look for is the high backrest that provides full spine support. Also if the chair has lumbar support or neck cushions or not.

3: Do gaming chairs can help in fixing postures?

The proper support and seated position can really help with maintaining good postures.

4: What are the specialties of a gaming chair?

A good gaming chair has a well padded cushion, good backrests, maximum comfort of the seat, good armrests, that can provide ease while playing game.

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