5 Best Smartwatch Brands In India

Smartwatches that have emerged as the indispensable tool of our lives. Correct right! Everybody nowadays owns a smartwatch that not only is capable of telling the time but also serves a lot of features alongside. But do you know which are the best smartwatch brands in India currently?

Well to clear your confusion among which ones are the best brands for smartwatches, we’ll delve into the discussion of best smartwatch brands that offer their users the best features.

Smartwatches in the ever-growing realm of wearable technology, have emerged as  versatile companions that blend style with updated functionality. Also it integrates the cutting edge technology in our daily lives and becomes a good addition into our lives. 

Best smartwatch brands in India

From sleek designs to robust features, there’s a plethora of options out there for smartwatch which caters to diverse preferences. Among which we’ve picked the best ones for you!

Let’s get started with the best smartwatch brands to consider currently!

Below is the list of top 5 best smartwatch brands in India:

1: MOROFY Metal Band Compatible With Apple Band

MOROFY Metal Band Compatible With Apple Watch

The first one on the list of best smartwatch brands in India to pick from is Morofy metal compatible with Apple smartwatch. The smartwatch is suitable for everyone. The watch is compatible with Apple watch band ultra 2. 

The watch is crafted from top stainless steel that provides a smooth surface, which enhances the comfort and durability of the watch band.

The smartwatch will provide a comfortable touch feeling on your wrist without hurting your skin, is wear-resistant, and is corrosion resisting. Also it offers easy installation and features to understand.


  • One press installation and one press release. 
  • Will provide one Apple watch band (only the band not the Apple watch).
  • Comes with a butterfly closing clasp band. 
  • Made from premium material. 

2: Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Next one in the list is watch by Samsung. One of the intriguing features of this smartwatch is it facilitates contactless secure payments, which will let you make payments from your wrist with a simple tap & pay feature enabled by Samsung Wallet. 

Also the smartwatch is designed with finest materials like Sapphire Crystal Glass & Armor Aluminum Dial. It is water & dust resistant.

The smartwatch also has the feature of sleep tracking. Interesting right! This smartwatch helps you to know your sleep and to also to improve your sleep cycle. Plan your bedtime, detect snoring, understand and track your sleep on your wrist.


  • Helps to connect the best android apps. 
  • Support applications like find my phone, GPS, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker, weather update, etc. 
  • Made with fine premium materials. 
  • Offers 1 year warranty.

3: Redmi Watch 3 Active Bluetooth

Redmi Watch 3 Active Bluetooth

The next one on the list of best smartwatch brands is Redmi. We all know that Redmi offers one of the best smartphones and other gadgets out there in the market, but with that it also has some of the best smartwatches with them. 

It comes loaded with 200+ watch faces to match your attire or customize the watch face that goes well with your favorite picture. 

Along with that it has 12 days of large battery life on a single charge with typical usage and comes with magnetic charging.

The smartwatch is waterproof and provides 24/7 monitoring. Along with that it also helps in tracking your daily sports activity and provides regular updates about it. 


  • Has 100+ sports modes. 
  • Comes with a large display of about 4.6 cm.
  • Provides Bluetooth calling from smartwatch feature. 
  • Offers 1 year warranty.

4: Pebble Pace Smart Watch 

Pebble Pace Smart Watch

This smartwatch comes with an inbuilt speed pedometer and multiple workout mode, which offers accurately monitoring your workouts every day.

A good one to consider, right! Best for the fitness enthusiasts. 

The smartwatch is also designed with 14 days battery backup. The smartwatch has a powerful 150 mAh battery along with the advanced smart sensors that gives the Pebble Pace a massive standby battery backup of 14 days and last 7 days of active use. Also has a dynamic color display.


  • Has multiple sports modes.
  • Display size is 36mm.
  • Provides sleep and blood pressure monitoring. 
  • Has inbuilt speed pedometer. 

5: beatXP Unbound AMOLED Display Bluetooth Smartwatch

The last one on the list of best smartwatch brands is beatXP. This 1.78” display smartwatch with 800 Nits brightness is one of revolutionary brands which treat you with luxurious comfort, featuring a magnificent super AMOLED display.

This smartwatch also offers advanced Bluetooth calling. This beatXP Unbound Bluetooth calling smart watch is the ultimate solution for effortless call management, the credit goes to its innovative and reliable EzyPair Technology.

Also it is IP67 water resistant, helps in 24/7 health monitoring, offers multiple sports modes to choose from. 


  • 100+ sports modes.
  • Advanced Bluetooth calling. 
  • A screen size of 1.78 inches.
  • Special features include Sleep Monitor, Calorie Tracker, heart rate monitor. 

How To Choose The Best Smartwatch Brand

Below are some factors which should be considered while picking up a smartwatch from the best brands: :

1. One of the first thing that you can look before purchasing any smartwatch is how well it is built. That means look for the smartwatch which both long lasting and looks good with your daily attires.

2. This one is one of the important factor to look for, i.e. what kind of OS is running in the smartwatch. As smartwatch brands use their own manufacturer platform, while others provide a some other android version.

3. Another key factor of selecting a smartwatch is the budget. Pick the watch that suits your budget and is also with updated features.

4. Next you can look for is which smartwatch brand is providing better connectivity with the devices and also helps in maintaining good fitness record.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a smartwatch which is from the best brands and also comes with updated features and pocket saving can be a confusing task to carry out. True right! Also that suits well with your daily attire and looks like a good addition to your daily routine. 

To help you with that we’ve picked up the best smartwatch brands that will serve you with the best and updated features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Which smartwatch brand is more accurate?

If you’re looking for a reliable fitness and health-tracking smartwatch that comes with high-end accuracy, then Samsung Galaxy Watch6 should be on your list.

2: How to choose a best smartwatch?

While selecting one look for particulars like: what will it be a fitness band or a smartwatch, how well it is built, features, and more of it.

3: How many hours does a smartwatch take it to charge?

If the battery is extremely low, i.e. 0%, then it will take about 3 to 4 hours to charge.

4: How long does smartwatch lasts?

The lifespan of a smartwatch depends on various factors, however on an average it can last upto 2 to 5 years.

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