8 Best Induction Stoves In India Under 5000 (Top Reviews)

The world we live in is constantly evolving day by day, and along with that there are many things out there that have made our way of doing work a very convenient and easy one! Isn’t it right! Be it the technology driven devices we use, payment methods, travel ways, etc. so how can the kitchen appliances be left behind?

In the sphere of kitchen appliances, induction stoves have emerged as an efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas stoves.  In the space of modern kitchens, the induction stove has carved a niche for itself, and has become a player signifying efficiency, speed, and touch of elegance to the kitchen. 

Best Induction Stoves

These stoves only add a touch of charm to the kitchens but are also a great way to seek more sustainability and convenient cooking solutions. With the inclusion of these stoves in the market, the demand for budget friendly stoves in India has been touching the sky.

Therefore, in the discussion further we’ll explore the best induction stoves in India that are under 5000, which are both of good quality as well as budget friendly.

So, let’s start our journey of unveiling the best induction stoves in India under 5000!

Below are the 8 best induction stoves in India under 5000:

1: Pigeon Egnite Induction Stove

Pigeon Egnite Induction stove

First one on the list is Pigeon Egnite 1800W Induction Cooktop. This stove by Pigeon brings you the portable egnite induction stove cooktop, which is not only portable but also is a compact and efficient kitchen appliance. You can control this device with just a push button and its LED display will give you a clear view.

This handy stove is black in color and features the latest technology to make cooking simple for you. It is built with a modern design in a very compact and stylish form, and becomes an ideal choice for home makers.


  • Product dimensions are: 60D x 60W x 18H Centimeters.
  • It has a power input of 220 to 240V.
  • Its power consumption capacity is 1800W.
  • It is an automatic shut-off and cool touch stove.

2: Crompton Instaserve Induction Stove

Crompton Instaserve Induction Cooktop

Second one is the Crompton Instaserve induction stove that has 11 feather touch buttons. Interesting right! The stove has a user friendly design and is also easy to operate, understand, and use. Apart from this, it comes with 8 one touch coom menus and has an overvoltage shield protection cover. 

The stove comes with electric corded wire and is a good source for energy saving ones.


  • The stove contains 1 heating element.
  • It has 2000W power consumption. 
  • Its glass size measure is  290 mm * 348 mm, that is capable of supporting big sized utensils. 
  • Its overvoltage shield protection is 25A IGBT and provides upto 2500 volts surge protection.

3: Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Stove

Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 Induction Stove

This black and golden coloured stove has a power consumption of upto 2100 Watts. This presentation by Philips Domestic Appliances is one the best and preferred induction stoves in India, and also is a budget-friendly one. The stove comes with customized Indian menus. 

The stove comes with a crystal glass soft touch button. The stove comprises push buttons controller type, requires a corded electric power source, portable, and is mode of glass material.

This induction stove can be an efficient source of sustainability and can add a charm to your kitchen.


  • Power consumption: 2100W.
  • Has 5 customized menus. 
  • Product dimensions are: 34.5D x 10.5W x 43.2H Centimeters.
  • Product weight is 2.1 kilograms. 
  • Made up of glass material.

4: Amazon Basics 1600 Watt Induction Stove

Amazon Basics Induction Cooktop

This exclusive product by Amazon can be a suitable choice as it has a 8 stage power setting ability! This induction stove is easy to use and has a micro crystal glass induction surface. It comes with enhanced safety benefits like “Auto Standby” in case no pan is kept, a residual heat indicator and a fan for auto cooling (the fan will continue working to cool down residual heat even after operation is stopped). 

The induction stove is not suitable for cookware with curved, uneven or rounded bottoms or made from materials like ceramics, glass copper bronze and aluminum. Recommended to only use flat bottomed cookware made of iron or steel with diameter between 14.5 to 16 cm and bottom thickness over 1.5mm.


  • It has 8 Stage power settings with push button control and an LED display.
  • Tested with international standards. 
  • Comes loaded with 6 preset Indian options and timer for up to 3 hours.
  • Comes with BIS certified plug and cable for extra reliability.
  • Has a 1600W power consumption.

5: Longway Elite Plus IC Induction Stove

Longway Elite Plus IC Induction Cooktop

One of the special features of this induction stove is that it comes with an overheat protection cover with 8 preset cooking mode functions to create delish & exotic dishes at home. Along with that it helps in making food more in a convenient and sustainable manner. 

Its body is made of ABS plastic with shock-proof & rust-proof technology, which makes it more safe to cook with the induction cooktop. It comes with an induction cooktop and an Instruction Manual. The induction has a push button controller type and is dishwasher safe. 


  • Product dimensions are: 39D x 33W x 10.5H Centimeters.
  • Product weight is 2.5 kilograms.
  • Is made up of glass, plastic, and metal material. 
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.

6: Pigeon By Stovekraft Acer Plus Induction Stove

Pigeon By Stovekraft Acer Plus Induction Cooktop

Another budget friendly stove in the list. This induction stove comes with dual heat sensors and seven preset menus for having a delicious meal, and has an automatic shut off option, which offers a convenient way of cooking for you. The induction stove has a feather touch and a wide surface in which big utensils can fit in. Plus has an elegant design that suits well in your kitchen apart from providing its best service to you. 


  • Elegant design.
  • Smart electric chula.
  • 2100W power consumption. 
  • Has 8 preset menus.

7: V-Guard VIC Induction Stove

V-Guard VIC Induction Stove

This black colored induction stove has 8 power levels and comes with a temperature control facility. Offers fast and even cooking with a power range of 120 W – 1800 W VIC 1.8 EL. It comes with 4 pre-programmed cooking menus like Boil, Dosa/Roti, Idli and Curry and along with that it has 2 manual functions like Fry and Manual.

The 4 hour Timer Function and 24 hour Preset Function of the induction stove, makes cooking with VIC 1.8 EL effortless. Its soft switch controls, 4-digit LED display and its easy to clean surface ensures convenient cooking.


  • The induction stove has a crystal glass matte finish type. 
  • Power consumption is 1800W.
  • Comes with 1 year warranty.
  • Has power levels option.

8: Prestige IRIS ECO Induction Stove

Prestige IRIS ECO  Induction Cooktop

One of the most highlighted features of this induction stove is that it provides you with Indian Menu Options which we’ll help you prepare authentic Indian food like Chapati, Idli, and Dosa, at the touch of a button. Also comes with an automatic voltage regulator. 

The cooking surface of the induction stove is flat and smooth. Hence its cleaning is quick and hassle-free. Its usage is quite simple and the heating is very quick.

The induction stove is pretty portable and can be placed according to convenience. The stove has an anti-magnetic wall that helps to effectively block surplus magnetic radiations’ influence on the surrounding, making it more efficient.


  • Requires 1200 Watts power consumption.
  • Has a timer that can be pre-set according to user convenience. 
  • Has 1 year warranty. 
  • Comes with an automatic voltage regulator.

How to choose the Best Induction Stove

Let’s see some factors that are important while choosing an induction stove:

1. First look for the type of utensils does the induction stove supports. Utensils or vessels should be magnetic, smooth, and flat.

2. Next look for the size of the utensils or vessels to put on the induction stove. The utensils should be of the size that the induction stove can detect it.

3. One of the most important considerations while picking up an home appliance. See if the induction stove has an overheat feature that ensure automatic shut-off of the induction stove in case of overheating.

4. Keeping the kitchen appliances clean is one of the top concerns in homes. A flat cooking surface makes it easy to clean the stove.

5. The energy efficient factor, the auto shut off and the preset menus in the induction stoves helps in consuming less power.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the need of having an induction stove that is both of good quality and is budget-friendly has become a necessity in the present scenario. The induction stoves help in reducing the burden of extra work that is being associated with traditional old gas stoves.

Most of the Induction stoves are portable which makes it easier for anyone to carry it and use it wherever they want. The induction stoves can be used by anyone and are very easy to manage.

Choosing the best induction stove which fits well in your budget and offers you its best features and is of good quality, can be a tiring as well as a tough task. Therefore, we have picked the best induction stoves in India under 5000, that will help you maintain a balance between cost, quality, and performance.

So, make an informed decision while selecting the stove that suits your needs as well as preference, and offers you the long-lasting cooking experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Is there a need of having a special cookware?

As induction stove requires magnetic energy, the cookware must be of steel, cast iron, or magnetic stainless steel.

2: Does induction stove remains hot?

One of the best advantage of induction stove is that it itself remains cool, since the magnetic field works only on the cookware.

3: For how long induction stoves can be used?

The lifespan of the induction stove depends on for how many hours it is being used rather than the years. On an average, a domestic stove will last about 2500 hours, which is equal to 10 hours a day, i.e. for about a year.

4: Does induction stove cooks faster?

Comparing with gas stoves, induction stoves makes cooking faster when you turn up the heat.

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